Refer A Friend Bonus Bet

Casino games have quickly gained popularity in recent years. For veteran players and newbies alike, finding a good casino website to play on is among the key things to figure out.

You need a site that has numerous games, multiple payment methods, and, yes, attractive promotions and bonuses. One of the popular bonuses is the ‘refer a friend’ bonus.

Refer A Friend Bonus

Marketers in casinos recognize the power that lies in their traditional word-of-mouth marketing. In a sense, refer a friend bonus solely relies on this premise. However, while traditional advertising channels can be effective, they are also costly. Segmenting can also be challenging.

A better way to go about selling casino services is through social networks.

Casinos, like other businesses, make their money from patronage. It’s essentially a game of numbers. The more players join a site and credit their accounts, the more profitable a casino is.

The ‘refer a friend’ bonus helps increase patronage using a referral program. But you are not left empty-handed by the casino either: you get a bonus for your effort.

How It Works

The ‘refer a friend’ bonus is pretty easy. Once you become a customer and create your own account, all you need to do is refer one or more friends to join the platform. Most sites do not have a limit as to how many people you can refer.

Most platforms will have a referral link on the site, usually under your account details. When you refer a friend, they get an automated text sending them a referral code. Some sites will send a code.

The referred friend is then supposed to create their account and use the referral code generated from your account. This is automatically registered into your account profile.

From there, the new account holder is then supposed to credit their playing account. Some sites have set a minimum amount of money the referred person has to credit in their account. When they do this, you automatically receive your bonus.

Some casino sites sweeten the deal by giving you a bonus, plus giving the person you have referred a welcoming bonus as well.

Things To Keep In Mind

While this should explain the bulk of what a ‘refer a friend’ bonus is, there are some important things to note.

The main ones include:

Referral Tracking

Referrals are tracked in two main ways. The first is the unique code. The site provides a code for you, and you can then give it to your friends to input when opening their accounts.

The second is a link that you can send friends. They can then follow the link to access the casino site and open an account.

Bonuses are For Unique Referrals

The only referrals that will earn you a bonus are new users. That means that your friends who are already on the casino site you are on cannot use your code to get you a bonus.

Similarly, most sites require you and the referred friend to make a certain minimum payment on your accounts before the bonus is granted.