Online Casino vs. Landbase Casino

While the actual statistics are hard to come by, it’s believed that over a billion people worldwide enjoy gambling and playing casino games. This is not hard to believe, considering how exhilarating, fun, and glitzy casino games can be.

For newcomers just discovering casinos, where to play is often a common consideration. Players have the choice between online and land-based casinos. Over the years, online casinos seem to be winning the supremacy battle, and for good reasons.

Here is why gamers are increasingly opting for online casinos.


Casinos have always been associated with a lot of glitz and glamour. The image that often comes to mind is people all dolled up heading out to play a few games and enjoy the night.

While this is okay for some, it might put others off. However, millions of people out there prefer to enjoy their casino games without all the frills. While this option is not available to land-based casinos, online casinos offer this convenience seamlessly.

With these, you can enjoy your favorite games in your pajamas at home, the office, and even in traffic. No restrictions; you have fun on your terms.


Both land-based and online casinos offer their clients impressive bonuses from time to time. These can be for signing up, depositing funds into your accounts, and even for referrals.

This is yet another avenue where landline casinos seem to tail online casinos.

Brick and mortar casinos have numerous overhead costs to contend with. These include physical premises, full-time staffers, and so on. These running costs eat into a portion of their profits, limiting the amount of money they can give up in bonuses.

On the other hand, online casinos operate very leanly. This allows them to make higher profits, and in turn, pass this benefit to their customers by way of bonuses and discounts.

Numerous Game Options

Being web-based, online casinos have inexhaustible real estate. This means they can have hundreds of games in one place for their clients’ enjoyment.

Land-based casinos operate from a physical premise. This determines how many machines can be placed there while allowing gamers to move around and maneuver.

You will find it almost impossible to run out of something exciting to play online. There will be numerous games, numerous competency levels, and even multiple versions for you to try out. As a result, you are unlikely to lack a game you love, and the variations will eliminate the risk of monotony.

Numerous Payment Options

An excellent benefit of online casinos is their payment options. Online casinos invest heavily in their networks to allow clients to make safe payments.

Aside from ease of payment, online transactions mean players can make payments to their favorite casinos in any part of the world. In addition, some payment options also offer some level of anonymity which is an important factor for some individuals.

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